With over 18 years' editorial experience, I'll help you deliver clear, concise messages.


Creating copy is easy. Creating clear, concise and on-brand copy is a little harder. I'll work with you to produce copy that gets your message across in the simplest way possible.


So you've got your raw copy already? Great. I'll take your words and whip them into shape. Without careful editing, you risk losing your messaging - and your customers.


Beyond content creation, I can create a content strategy that works for you - from performing in-depth content audits through to identifying ways to reach new markets.

Previous work

I helped at Crunch transform its marketing content strategy. This included a complete content audit of over 2,500 articles, planning user journeys and, of course, writing and editing targeted marketing content and advice articles.

At Schlumberger, I worked on everything from technical papers and product sheets, to adverts and web copy. I also headed a thought-leadership campaign, producing engaging articles from experts within the industry.


As an in-house and freelance journalist, I've written for numerous publications (print and online) and provided editorial cover. Publications include The Register, CNET, V3, Expert Reviews, TechRadar, Computeractive, Computer Shopper and T3.